Team Building

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The Great Escape offers an incredible opportunity for team building, whether for a sport’s team, a corporation, a youth group, or a small business. It is impossible to get through the game without working together. You will learn a lot about communication in a very fun way. We offer 2 packages when it comes to team building.Package one is just the normal game. Bring your team in and watch them bond as they work together to figure out the clues and puzzles to make their great escape.

Package two also includes more training about communication styles. Guests will first take a survey to examine what their personal communication strengths and weaknesses are, and what communication style they think they use. Then, they will participate in the game. Finally, after the game is over our highly qualified staff will review the communication styles and discuss, with clips from the game, which communications styles they observed and teach how these can apply in the corporate or team environment. I can promise you it will be both a fun and educational experience.

For either packages for team building please call or email us to make arrangements. We will make arrangements to meet at a different time then what we have available for the public.